Touchpoint Training System

Spitfire's Touchpoint Training System contains 6 training modules that are aimed at boosting employee performance and overall work-quality.

The training modules are supported by our digital learning platform. Go with the comprehensive training system or choose individual modules that are tailored to your needs, it's up to you!


Training starts with the recruitment process. Identifying potential employees who are a true fit for your company is key to reducing turnover and improves training standards.

Our digital platform will support you in making your recruitment processes quicker and make it easier to measure their success.

Laying the groundwork for high performing employees can be done by using a "Get-to-know-your-work" day or video. This will help you identify whether an employee is a good fit for both your business operations and culture.

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Following the recruitment of the successful candidate, it is key for new employees to get onboard with your company's culture, the various teams they will be working with and the internal systems. That is why our induction approach follows the logic of continuous improvement and is unique to each business.

We will help you design an induction process that is right for you and each new employee. In order to achieve sustained results, we also coach your workforce on how to integrate new employees into your company.

Regardless of whether you run a manufacturing plant or a call centre, the concepts and methods of Lean Management aim at improving all your business processes. Leadership is equally important and can be improved through our Lean Management training modules.

Are you looking for an off-site solution? Then choose which employees enrol in our online Lean Academy; our digital learning system which utilizes tried and tested methods and taps into our 20+ years of industry experience in the field of professional training.

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Core Skills

The Core Skills Training method is designed to improve the skills of your workforce in order to increase safety, performance, quality and productivity levels.

This training approach is unique to each industry. It aims to develop an objective strategy based around providing the workforce with a strong will to achieve their goals.

Therefore, it creates a long-term sustainable shift in the overall performance of your processes.

This method has been successfully implemented in international blue-chip companies in a variety of industries.

The Advanced Skills Training method aims to build on your staff-members' core skills in order to help them improve their capacity to undertake more complex tasks.

Integrating Advanced Skills to our e-learning system allows for both efficient guided-training as well as self-training.

Coaching your trainers will also enable you to implement and sustain a process of continuous improvement.

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Advanced Skills

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On-the-job training ensures that the newly obtained capabilities of your workforce are actually utilised in their daily tasks.

The possibilities offered by Industry 4.0 have helped us revolutionise the way on-the-job training is conducted. It provides digital solutions which allow for sustained results and continuous improvement.

"For us, Touchpoint Training revolutionised how we think about training. It gives us the means to improve the skills of all employees throughout their journey in our organisation. Everyone loves the digital aspects of it, so it never gets old."
Head of HR - Customer Service Provider